Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still Racing!

Dungeon # 26 went well enough .. The dancing ogre brothers tried to teach Badness a few new steps, but he was having none of that fancy stuff with those nearly nekkid guys!  Bam, bam, dead!  Well done, Badness.

Bunny training comes in handy!

Ready up for Dungeon #27 everyone!

Off to the races!

Shine up your special Pwny emblems, kids .. we're on a roll!

Ghettoforce has agreed that since we haven't yet employed the services of the illustrious Quilp and Bain, we should stay for a couple of more days and hit 4 more dungeons.  That will bring our total to eight, if successful, and Pwnies' dungeon prowess to 29 out of 50.


We've got three dungeons behind us with this visit, with the fourth check-in occurring even as I type this.  In all likelihood, we won't get to the top powerhouses on the roster, its been going so well.

Nice to see the check in rate, folks!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well hello again!

Been awhile since I had a chance to post on this blog.  

Lots of familiar faces around here .. and a batch of new ones too.  The Severed Tongue members are looking forward to helping you kick a few dungeons .. and to seeing My Li'l Pwnies back in the Top of the Hall of Fame.  We'll be cheering you on all the way!

Joining the Pwnies for the dungeon cleaning crew ... Quilp, Bain, Iola, Redwood18, Woopydoo, Pizzar, Alyxyn, Magnumpower, r34lg33k and former head Pwnie, Zimmi.

Atcher, Ick Ack, Babbette and  Daniel San should be seeing a bit of a boost in their earning power while they visit with the Scum.  Hope they enjoy the atmosphere over there.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pwny Express!

A LOT of changes have happened since our last post.  We've sent folks to Izzone, Severed Tongue and have recruited a whole swack of new people.

I'd like to officially welcome everyone to the guild .. I hope you have fun, stay active and fill your scrapbooks!

I'm looking for a writer for the website, to keep it up to date daily.  That can't be Eagle Talon unfortunately, he's rather busy chasing hens or something else he can't possibly keep up with.  Send me a mail and I'll get you hooked up with writing privileges. 

Zimmi, the guildmistress with the golden heart, nearly shattered said heart when she departed for the Scumlords at Severed Tongue.  Eagle has some mighty tasty shoes to fill, according to Alyxyn. Take it easy on our favorite feather duster and help him find some sort of throne that will fit in with a nest full of dustbunnies .. and possibly clucking hens.

  • Departed:  Zimmi, Iola, Dolgan Elfbane, Magnumpower, Moora, Akhdar, Gruel, Keldonhing, SamanthaII, Spartytim, Ellah, Redwood18, Alyxyn, murth, Ziglabeu, WordPlay, PhoenixRise, Rizzo34
  • Promoted:  Nodok, venkman, PrivatE, Pepperoni, Luiself, Darth Dudical
  • Returned:  Atcher
  • New:  Darth Dudical, Stabby Flamenco, beelzebubba, Elithe, Urasis Dragon, Tupko, Mark08, srike, kageblade, Spider Pig, Babbette, sinkill, Dude Man, nflorinm, Heingist

Friday, July 29, 2011

A good read

I was reading through the official Shakes and Fidget forums today when I came upon this post from Charista, which I recommend you read.  I'll put up a permanent link to it in our sidebar.

Skip the preamble.  It's full of self-congratulations, totally unnecessary on work of this calibre.  The rest of it is pretty good.

I'd be interested in hearing your comments on it too.  :D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I had to post this because my high altitude on the Hall of Fame ladder ought to last about 12 seconds and I'll likely never see higher.  So I'mma just take a moment to bask.